Premium News All-Inclusive Developer Package and Giveaway

by admin on February 21, 2011

Adii from Premium News Theme is now offering an All-Inclusive Developer Pack which includes all 7 Premium News themes (Original, NewsPress, Flash News, Gazette & Live Wire) for $499.95. All themes have been updated with the special features included in the newest Live Wire Series themes including the dynamic image resizer, which means the user only needs to upload one image per post and the script automatically resizes the image as necessary. For more information check out all the themes here.

Adii is also kindly giving away an all-inclusive Premium News developer package to one lucky person who blogs about the competition. Now if there is one premium WordPress theme competition you want to enter this would be it. I personally find ‘The Gazette Edition’ to be a stylish theme with its clean lines and fancy Mootools featured article panel. However all the premium news themes are pretty slick, and if you win the competition you get all 7 themes for free, so start blogging about it.

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