What Features Do You Want In a Premium WordPress Theme? Tell Us and Win a Free Premium Theme

by admin on May 10, 2011

Update: Contest Closed

Felix Krusch recently launched RichWP.com which offers “Rich WordPress Solutions” including commercial WordPress themes and custom WordPress theme design. He has a special opportunity for wp2blog.com readers to help create and win a new premium WordPress theme. Felix explains below:

felixHi it’s Felix from RichWP.com. I would like to say thank you to all wp2blog.com readers for the support I received from you in the first weeks of my premium WordPress theme label RichWP.com.

Today we would like to present a special opportunity to you. As you probably know, my themes cater to different purposes from blogging to presenting your photos, art or your business. I would like you to decide what kind of WordPress theme I should program next. Should it be a gallery theme or an ecommerce shopping solution? Do you want a new magazine or a portfolio theme etc? What features should be built into a premium theme?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions. The five most creative / constructive commenter’s will get the theme + my personal support for free.

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