WPBayAds: WordPress eBay Plugin

by admin on August 1, 2011

WPBayAds is an eBay affiliate plugin for WordPress from Soxialize. The plugin allows you to easily display eBay auction products that are relevant to your site or build a custom eBay niche store. The WPBayAds plugin is incredibly customisable allowing you to edit the way listings / images / prices are displayed and even the ability to make links nofollow. Customisation options are easily managed from the wp-admin interface.


  • Easy Install! Just two WordPress plugin files plus IONCube easily installs in your new or existing WordPress blog.
  • Automatically inserts ads into all of your existing post and turn them off just as easily.
  • Custom sidebar widget for easy drag and drop ads display on your site!
  • Target ads for your posts using keywords and WPBayAds will drop in ads for the keywords you specify!
  • You choose what size ads and how many ads to display.
  • Toggle images, prices and the nofollow attribute for your ads.
  • Complete CSS control of your ads.
  • Build one or several product pages to increase your earning potential.

The plugin comes with a price tag, but using the plugin will allow you to leverage the trust and size of eBay to start earning part of the revenue.

Learn more about WPBayAds here

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