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by admin on October 20, 2011

Headway is an extremely sophisticated, flexible and easy to use premium WordPress template system which enables average WordPress users as well as developers / designers to create unique, great looking WordPress sites.

The Headway theme system features a vast amount of options including an amazing layout editor that allows you to arrange elements on the fly using simple drag & drop to create a newspaper layout or blog design with any content/sidebar arrangement. The custom configuration panel allows you to customise just about every design element of the theme including the items and order of the navigation menu, colours, fonts, favicon and more. The configuration panel also allows you to edit virtually everything SEO related down to titles, meta tags, noindex-ing, etc.

headway theme system

The power and flexibility of WordPress template systems are always a little difficult to explain in words, so the best way to appreciate the theme is to watch the video tour of the Headway theme. The key features are outlined below:

Layout Editor
headway theme leafs

  • Rearrange the site layout with javascript drag and drop (no code editing required)
  • Vast Amount of Leafs – add as many ‘leafs’ as you want (Leafs are elements similar to widgets, gadgets, etc and can be easily added to your pages in Headway)
  • Content Leaf – to display the main “loop”, display the category archives, etc, but also build a custom loop outside of the blog page.
  • Sidebar Leafs – add sidebars “on-the-fly” and have as many as you want
  • Add a sidebar specifically for one page or system page
  • Ability to flip a sidebar horizontally to make a widgetised footer
  • Resize each leaf using simple handles – just as if it was a window on your computer

Design Options
headway design

  • Change the colour of virtually every element on the theme by interacting with a simple colour picker.
  • Preset colour schemes included
  • Customisable header (fluid or fixed, choice location of header, breadcrumbs, logo uploader)
  • Topography – modify fonts with a simple drop down menu
  • Simple Post Meta Customization – choose exactly how you want the post meta to display without any code

Configuration Panel
headway navigation

  • Quickly and easily change theme options
  • Add JavaScript to the header or footer
  • Drag and drop navigation – easily order and rename page for the navigation
  • Social network integration

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Clean code yet large amount of flexibility
  • Ability to edit virtually everything SEO related down to titles, meta tags, noindex-ing, and more.
  • Meta Tags – modify every meta tag
  • Canonical URLs
  • In-Post (or Page) Options – change titles, noindex posts/pages, nofollow links etc


  • Twitter integration – automatically tweet blog post entries
  • Vast amount of hooks and filters (including easy hook editor)
  • Printer friendly
  • XHTML Strict valid code
  • Custom stylesheets
  • Much more

Personal: $87
Developer: $164

Demo & Release Page | Purchase

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