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by admin on October 20, 2011

Woo ThemesPremium News Theme has re-branded into a new WordPress premium theme shop and theme club called WooThemes. Woo Themes has launched with 2 brand new themes (Vibrant CMS and ProudFolio), and also introduced a new subscription-based themes club which means instead of having to buy individual themes, you can subscribe to the WooThemes Club and receive every single theme released over the course of your subscription, including the entire back catalogue that includes all the previous Premium News Themes.

WooThemes Club

  • WooThemes Club Membership gives you access to all existing Woo Themes as well as any new themes during the life of your membership.
  • At least 1 new premium WordPress theme every month, with some months having 2 new themes.
  • 3 month subscription starts at just $150
  • 6 month subscription starts at just $250

New Prices
All Woo Themes (previously Premium News Themes) are now available at permanently reduced prices. You can get a single license for $70 or a developer’s license for $150.

With Premium News Theme re-branded to Woo Themes it continues the tradition and reputation of high quality, feature packed and easily modifiable premium WordPress themes. And the new subscription-based Themes Club provides even greater variety and value for customers.

Check out the new WooThemes and the WooThemes Club here.

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