Premium WordPress Links for 28.02.08

by admin on October 20, 2011

Options Theme vs Revolution Media Pro
There has been some animated discussion over the last couple of days regarding the release of the Options Theme and its supposed similarities to the Revolution Pro Theme:
Inspiration or Lack of Creativity
WordPress Theme Releases for 2/25

Copyright, GPL, Open Source and Premium WordPress Themes
There is quite a bit of discussion at the moment regarding the issues of General Public Licience (GPL), Copyright, the Open Source platform of WordPress and how they relate to premium WordPress themes:
Taking A Stand, Call For Your Support
Premium Themes And Digital Copyright Leeching
Open questions on premium plugin business models

WordPress Developer Toolkit primer guide on becoming a freelance WordPress developer. It’s basic and not too in-depth, but includes many, if not all, of the tips, links and suggestions they have used for custom WordPress design and development.

Talking About Premium Themes
Adii from talks about his premium WordPress theme business model and presents a slide show presentation.

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