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by admin on November 30, 2011

WP AdCenter

WP Adcenter is a powerful advertising management plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage every aspect of banner advertising on your website. The premium plugin gives you the ability to run your own advertising on your website, either directly offering advertising spots for sale on your website, or running affiliate banners, Google Adsense, Chitika, or ads from any other advertising network.

WP AdCenter lets you create unlimited ad zones on your site and use banners of any size. Ads can be placed easily anywhere on the site using a shortcode, widget or by editing your theme files. The plugin has a built in statistics area where you can view and download stats and graphs for each campaign. It also has features to sell advertising and accept payments from potential advertisers directly from your website.


  • Unlimited Adzones / Banner Sizes – lets you define as many Ad Zones as you like. Ad Zones can one banner at a time that rotates, or it can hold multiple banners. Includes the standard IAB Ad unit sizes, but you are free to use banners of any size you like
  • Unlimited Campaigns – create as many campaigns as you like so you can carry out testing to see which is the most effective. You can set automatic start and end dates for your campaigns
  • Easy Ad Zone Placement – 3 methods to place the Ad Zones into your WordPress theme – using a shortcode, a Widget or by directly editing your theme files
  • Easy To Add Media – easily place your banner or adsense code or any other kind of media using the easy add a banner screen, upload one from your computer, link to a banner online or simply paste in the code your ad network has given you
  • Detailed Statistics – built-in statistics area where you can view impressions and clicks for each campaign. Your advertisers can also have access to stats for their campaign.
  • Online Advertiser Signup – options to allow advertisers to signup directly on your site and pay for an advert. You choose whether to charge for impressions or period of time
  • Automatically Collect Payment – advertisers can pay online using Paypal IPN, you will receive an email notification when an order is received and you can choose whether to accept or deny it
  • Advertisers Can View Their Stats Online – approved advertisers will receive an email with a username and password and they can login to your site and check a graph of their stats so they can see how their campaign is going

Single: $49, Multi: $79, Developer: $129

For full details, features and to download go to WPAdCenter

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